India’s Gujarati film ‘Chello Show’ enters Oscars

Being nominated for an Oscar is a big deal for any film. Oscars 2023 Discussions were going on for a long time about which film would be sent from India for this. This list contains many films including ‘RRR’, ‘The Kashmir Files’. All speculation is over for now. In fact, the Film Federation of India has announced which film is going for the Oscar Awards 2023. Gujarati movies from India ‘The Cello Show’ Will be the official entry for the Oscars 2023. Thus, people were surprised to see the Gujarati film ‘Chello Show’ going to the 2023 Oscars. Before films like ‘RRR’, ‘The Kashmir Files’, people did not think that this film would be sent to the Oscars.

Directing the ‘Boy Show’

Talking about the Gujarati film ‘Chello Show’, it is directed by Paan Nalin and he also wrote this film. The film premiered at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival. Also, the film was screened at many award functions, where it was well appreciated.

Story of ‘Chello Show’

The Gujarati film ‘Chello Show’ depicts a 9-year-old boy living in a village and is very fond of films. The boy reaches the projection room to watch the movie and watches several movies. After watching the movie, his life changed a lot. ‘Cello Show’ stars Bhaveen Rabri, Bhavesh Srimali, Richa Meena, Deepen Rawal and Paresh Mehta.

Production of ‘Boy Show’

Gujarati film Chhelo Show is produced by Roy Kapur Films, Jugaad Motion Pictures, Monsoon Films, Chhelo Show LLP and Mark Dowell. The shooting of this film was completed in March 2020. The post-production work of the film has been completed during the Corona pandemic.

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