In Rajasthan, 100 years ago, cheetahs were kept like dogs.

In Rajasthan, 100 years ago, cheetahs were kept like dogs.: Leopard came back to the country after 70 years. Today, PM Modi released three cheetahs in MP’s ancient national park. The country received eight Cheetah awards on PM Modi’s birthday. All are currently stored in a qualified cage. You know all this before, but have you ever heard about the name Cheevalan Mohalla, if not, then let’s take a look at its history of almost 100 years…

Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, has a Chetan Mahalla. Located near Ramganj Bazar of the city. About 100 years ago, Chatting was saved like a pet dog. To this day, people chain dogs around the streets, usually here then. Hence this area was named Chilen. It is still known by this name.

Most of the people living in Chetlan in Mohalla are from other states. His great father was done here by the royal family. All from hunting families. He maintained a cheetah for the royal family and hunted with it. In time the leopards and those who nurtured them said goodbye to this world but the environment was called Chilain. Even today, the same name is mentioned in other documents including ration cards, voter cards and Aadhaar cards of people living here.

BJP MP and princess Diya Kumari said that Chital Mahalla located in Jaipur is many years old. Cheetahs were imported from Africa and Iran for the royal family. The families of the victims were also done here to look after them. He practiced cheetahs and hunted with the royal family. At that time the royal family had many pictures of hunters and cheetahs.

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Referring to the arrival of cheetahs in the country again, Kumari said, the shock of loss of biodiversity of the first century has disappeared. Today we have the opportunity to add it again. Cheetah has returned to Indian soil. With this cheetah, India’s awareness of nature has also awakened in full force.

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