Illicit love was going on behind the husband, the lover committed suicide by slitting the woman’s throat, saying you are not mine

Illicit love affair was going on behind the husband– Cut his own throat and woman’s throat with a sharp weapon nearby. Seeing this, he cried. On receiving the information, the police reached the spot and admitted the injured woman to the district hospital.

Nebua thrashed a youth at home in Belwa village of Naurangia police station area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKushinagar on Sunday afternoon. The accused youth killed himself by slitting his throat with a sharp weapon. After seeing it, there was a commotion. After receiving information about the case, the police reached and took the injured woman and the accused youth to the nearest hospital. Police have been deployed in the village after the incident.

On Sunday afternoon, Sabar Alam Nebua, a resident of Belwa village in Naurangia police station area, was at home with his 24-year-old daughter Morjina. Jumrat’s son Mustafa alias Bawali appeared next door and suddenly entered the house. His throat was hit with a sharp object. Taking advantage of the woman’s screams, Jumrati slit her throat before the neighbors could reach her.

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When Jumrati reported the matter to the police, the people stopped him. There is panic in the area after the incident. Police took him to Kotoa Primary Health Center with the help of villagers. After receiving first aid here, the doctor referred both of them to the district hospital for further treatment.

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In the police investigation, Morjina’s marriage with Shabre Alam came up in 2016. In the days after the marriage, Shabare Alam went abroad in search of livelihood. Jumrani kept coming closer to him as he was not at home.

Shabare Alam returned home after knowing the matter. There was a lot of anger on Jumrat’s part. His three-year-old daughter was injured in the accident. This happened because the husband was not at home.

According to CO Khadda Sandeep Verma, information about the incident was received from villagers and family members. The injured have been admitted to the district hospital. The matter is being thoroughly investigated. Action will be taken based on complaints.

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