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If you want to earn from share market, invest in these shares: Look at investors in Valencia for exceptional returns, if an investor invests 1 lakh in the company’s shares 10 days ago, today‚Ķ

There is supposed to be a lot of turmoil in the capital markets. In this case, which parts should be removed from the floor to Olan, cannot be said. The Department of Nutrition in Valencia did something similar. This stock doubles investors money in just 10 days, giving a multibagger return Even on Monday, the company’s shares traded with strong gains during trading.

The share price has increased

To prevent and manage lifestyle-related diseases, this company has focused on research, development and marketing of multi-nutrition drinks for the past few days, duplicating its investors’ money. As reported by The Business Today, Valencia Nutritional shares closed at Rs 10.95 on September 5, 2022, but its share price rose to Rs 21.25 in just 10 days. This stock has doubled investors’ money in the last 10 days.

Highest share in 52 weeks

Valencia Nutrition stock hit a 52-week high from Valencia Nutrition. During the 10-day period, the stock gained 94.05 percent. Most importantly, the rise in the company’s stock price came at a time when the BSE Sensex index lost 0.72 percent or 43 points. At the time of writing this news, shares of Valencia rose 9.99 percent to Rs 21.25 on the first trading day of a week.

One lakh becomes 2 lakhs

Shares of Valencia Nutritional closed at Rs 19.32 in the previous trading session. In fact, today nearly 10 percent reached a new high. If you look at the profitability of investors in Valencia, if an investor invested Rs 1 lakh in the company’s shares 10 days ago, today the value of Rs 1 lakh has increased to Rs 1.94 lakh. In such a situation, the investors have become bats as they get double money in a span of few days.

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Market capitalization of multiple companies

Valencia Nutrition Company’s products include ‘Bounce Super Drink’ and ‘Bounce SuperWater WaterMe’. Due to its share increase, the company’s market capitalization on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) increased by Rs 11.87 crore.

In the first quarter of the last financial year, 91 public shareholders held 36.12 percent or 20.17 shares of the company. In the previous quarter, 12 promoters held 63.88 per cent or 35.67 shares. 60 public shareholders hold 2.56 lakh shares of the company with private share capital of up to Rs 2 lakh at 4.60 per cent risk.

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