If you are fond of keeping dogs, know these rules, otherwise you will have to pay

If you like to keep dogs, know these rules: If you love pet dogs, then this news is important for you. In Greater Noida and Noida, incidents of pet dog bites and fires remain on the surface. The Noida-Greno and RWA communities in the area have started to take action against the serious dog incident. People pet dogs outside and there are rules. Noida authorities will form a committee in this regard. The committee will form a forum in collaboration with AOA and RW.

1,700 pet registrations

According to data released by the Noida authorities, a total of 1,700 pets have been registered through the PET registration application so far. The authorities have also made many rules. Below, pet dog registration is mandatory in Noida For this you have to go to the Google Play Store and register in the NAPR (NOIDA Authority PET Registration) application. Caste and ID must be provided at the time of registration.

Pat owner must pay

After going through this process, the certificate will be issued by the authority. If the pet owner defecates in an open space, park or public place. The authorities will take action against the animal owner if the complaint is received. A fine of Rs 100 will be sent for the first complaint, Rs 200 for the second and Rs 500 for the third. Registration will be canceled if more complaints are received. Complaints will be settled within a week.

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The Pratik Laurel Society makes strict rules

Also, Sector-120 Noida Prateek Laurel Society has enforced rules by using service lift to bring out dogs. It has been made mandatory to tie a rope around the neck and mouth on the way out of the house. The community has made strict rules for dog rewards, which will also be fined for violation. For the first time, a fine of Rs 5,000 and hospitalization of Rs 10,000 will be charged again for violating the rules.

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