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If you’re bored of watching Hindi-Pak serials, check out these five Korean dramasOTT offers a variety of content to viewers. From comedy to horror and action, the number of fans of web series on the OTT platform is increasing today.

There was a time when Ekta Kapoor’s serials ruled the hearts of people, but after a while the audience got bored with the same old stories. This has increased audience interest in Pakistani serials; However, Korean dramas are becoming more and more popular these days.

Its popularity is also increasing in India due to its easy availability. The best Korean dramas dubbed in Hindi are available on one of the most popular platforms in India, Netflix, making your weekend more enjoyable. Today’s report brings you some of the best of Korean web series Which you can watch on Netflix.

Crash landing on you

Korean love story ‘Crash Landing on You’ depicts a boy-boy relationship. The story revolves around the love between Yoon-se-ri, a rich South Korean girl, and Lee Joon-hyo, a North Korean army officer.

After a paragliding accident, Eun Se-ri flees to North Korea, where Lee Joon-hyo saves her life. Seri is sent to Lee’s country to try as best she can. As a result of Lee’s efforts, Ceri gives him her heart. This emotional love story will move any viewer to tears.


‘Vincenzo’ is a story woven around comedy and crime. The series, which follows the life of Korean mafia lawyer Vincenzo Carrano, is quite popular.

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The mafia lawyer returns to Korea after many years, then embarks on a unique mission. In fact, Vincenzo Carrano gives justice to the people of a company that manufactures drugs. You can watch this 20 episode series on Netflix.

Descendant of the Sun

‘Descendants of the Sun’ also contains a Korean love story, depicting the love of two lovers. During a war, Yoo Si-jin, a South Korean special forces captain, falls in love with a beautiful girl surgeon.

As a result of their work, they are separated from each other for a short time. This 16-episode series is also available on Netflix.

Business proposal

This is a Korean term called ‘Business Proposal’. web series Through this the employee tells the story of Shin Ha-ri. The blind date takes place at Shin’s friend’s house.
After her date is her boss. After becoming friends, both fell in love. This series has 12 episodes.


This Korean drama Penthouse depicts the struggle for power, wealth and prestige. The people who live in Hera’s palace are the focus of this series. Throughout the series, 100-story luxury penthouse apartments are unveiled one after the other, revealing many secrets and ambitions.

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