Hindi Diwas: 10 Hindi Movies That Made The World Go Crazy

National Hindi Day: On March 14, 1931, Indian cinema’s first talkie film ‘Alam Ara’ was released, directed by Ardeshir Irani. It was the first Hindi film in the history of cinema, at that time no one could have imagined that one day Hindi cinema would leave its mark on the world stage.

Hindi films have fans all over the world.

In 1913 the world of film began in India, the father of film Dadasaheb Phalke, who directed the first film Raja Harishchandra, released his second film Mohini Bhasmasoor in the same year, this was the era of silent films, i.e. those films which. There were only moving pictures, there was no sound in them, Dadasaheb continued to make films, but despite all efforts, he could only produce one film, which had a voice, that film was released in 1937 and was titled Gangavataran. , on March 14, 1931, Indian cinema’s first talkie film ‘Alam Ara’ was released, directed by Ardesi Irani. It was the first Hindi film in the history of cinema, for the shooting of which cameras were imported from abroad, at that time no one could have imagined that one day Hindi cinema would leave its mark on the world stage. Today there are hundreds of films in Hindi cinema that made the world go crazy, on the occasion of National Hindi Day, today we are telling you about 10 such films.

1. Awara (1951)

The first Hindi film on the world stage was Awara which was released in 1951, the film was produced, directed and starred by Raj Kapoor, the film was based on the socio-economic differences in the Soviet Union, East Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Proving to be an instant hit, Time magazine ranked it among the 100 greatest films in the world.

2. Lagan (2001)

Lagaan, directed by Ashutosh Gowariker, released in 2001, is one of the most popular films in Hindi cinema history, notably being the third Hindi film to be nominated for an Academy Award, and even today the biggest worldwide film. Empire magazine ranked Lagaan 55th among the world’s 100 best films of 2010, with a 95% fresh rating on ratings website Rotten Tomatoes. In 2011, Time magazine named the film one of the 25 greatest sports films of all time. Aamir Khan played the lead role in the film.

3- Earth (1998)

Released in 1998, Arth was directed by Deepa Mehta based on the 1947 Partition, the film was not a commercial success, but was critically acclaimed around the world, said Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Roger Ebert. The film was given 3 out of 4 stars, The New York Times praised Deepa Mehta’s direction and cinematography. Aamir Khan also played the lead role in this film.

4. Mother India (1957)

Mother India was the first film from India to be nominated for an Oscar, it is among the greatest box office hits of all time, it is counted among the selected best films of world cinema, Mother India also won an award at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Jeeta Tha, the film starred Nargis and Sunil Dutt in lead roles.

5. Dil Se (1998)

Starring Shah Rukh Khan and Manisha Koirala, this film was released in 1998, directed by Mani Ratnam and dealing with the theme of terrorism. The film was awarded the Netpeak Award at the 1999 Berlin Film Festival, the film was praised for its cinematography and screenplay at the IRA New Horizon Film Festival and the Helsinki International Film Festival, and did well at the US and UK box offices.

6. Dangal (2016)

Directed by Nitesh Tiwari, the film starring Aamir Khan is based on Mahavir Phogat, the father of Commonwealth Games gold medalist female wrestler Geeta Phogat, who had to give up wrestling for some reason, but kept his wrestler daughters as his own. In terms of trending and peaking success, the film was loved by critics as well as audiences worldwide, the film grossed Rs 538 crore in India, but overseas the film broke all records and grossed Rs 1430 crore which is the highest for any Hindi film.

7- Devdas (2002)

The film was directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, it succeeded in winning over the audience as well as the critics, it was also sent for the Academy Award from India, it won the BAFTA Award in the Best Foreign Language Film category. In 2002, Time magazine ranked it among the top-10 films in the world. Devdas was ranked 74th in the top 100 films of world cinema by Empire magazine, starring Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role.

8. Black Friday (2004)

Anurag Kashyap directed this film based on the Mumbai bomb blasts. The film also had controversies, but leaving all this behind, the film won the Grand Jury Prize at the Indian Film Festival held in Los Angeles, the film was awarded the Best Film Award at the Locarno Film Festival, the New York Times and the film was praised by The Hollywood Reporter.

9. Salaam Bombay (1988)

Directed by Meera Nair, the film was based on the street children of Mumbai, how they live and cope with any situation, the film was loved by audiences worldwide, the film won the National Board of Review, Cannes Film Festival Salute besides winning three awards at the Montreal World Film Festival. Bombay also received the Golden Camera and Audience Awards in 2008, The New York Times ranked Salaam Bombay among the 1000 greatest films of all time.

10. Lunch Box (2013)

The Lunch Box starring Irrfan Khan was directed by Ritesh Batra, produced by production companies in India, Germany, France and the United States, the film was screened at the Cannes Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival, The Lunch Box also won the Critics Week Viewers Choice Award, 2015 First non-English film to be nominated for a British Academy Film Award.

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