Here is the consent of brothers and sisters, mother-son and father-daughter physical relations?

Here physical relations are formed between brother-sister, mother-son and father-daughter by consent. Researchers around the world are amazed by the Polahi tribe of Indonesia. In Polahi physical relations are formed between siblings, parents and father-daughter. Children born from such relationships are at risk of mental and physical disorders, but none were found among them.

Why the Polahi tribe lives in the deep and dense forests of Donyar Gorontalo remains a mystery to researchers around the world. Polahi also has physical relations with siblings, mother-son and father-daughter. Children born from such relationships are at risk of mental and physical disorders, but none were found among them. Let’s take a look at this interesting story…

What is Polahi tribe?

Gorontalo is the capital and largest city of Gorontalo Province in Indonesia. The Polahi tribe lives in its interior forests. As a result physical relationships are formed between siblings, mother and son and father and daughter. Thus, these people followed the tradition of inbreeding. These people are also free to marry blood relatives. The practice of marriage has been going on among them since the Dutch colonial period. Despite it being considered strange or unusual, this culture still exists today and may continue to exist until the mindset of these people changes.

They have been researched for a long time

Such relationships among the Polahi tribes have been studied for a long time. According to this study, the practice of incestuous marriage among the Polahi tribe is not due to lack of understanding and knowledge. They also do not know how to join other human groups? Thus they establish mutual interbreeding i.e. physical relationship between themselves.

As a result, kinship and physical relations are prohibited in the family.

However, such abuse is prohibited. Adultery and consanguineous marriages are prohibited in most countries. Society does not consider it ideal. Besides, this physical relationship is also believed to be the cause of congenital diseases. According to a study, children born to parents who have sex with close relatives have a higher risk of birth defects. Children born to consanguineous or illegitimate children often suffer from mental illness as they grow up. Such as socialization difficulties, low self-esteem, mood disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and borderline personality. Borderline personality) refers to a mental illness that severely affects a person’s ability to control their emotions.

One study also found that 40 percent of children whose parents had a first-degree relative, such as a parent, child, or sibling, may have the autosomal recessive disorder. That is, two altered genes are inherited from parents as mutations. It can lead to serious problems like physical or parental.

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Although it is amazing…

Children born from such relationships are more prone to diseases. In Czechoslovakia, 42 percent of children born to slavery suffered severe birth defects or died young. 11 percent had a mental disorder or intellectual deficit.

Even after so much study and research, this alleged tradition of the Polahi tribe is surprising. In the Polahi tribe, children born of illegitimacy have been found to be fitter than other human groups. Researchers still do not know why this is so? State University of Gorontalo-UNG anthropologist Yovan Tamu said the unique thing was that no defects were found in their descendants. These are common, whereas in other countries it is not common. If marriage is definitely flawed in progeny, why isn’t Polahi flawed? However, Tamu said that from an anthropological point of view it is possible that the Polahi tribe had special rituals in their lives that their children had in common. Perhaps this tribe is eating some plants in the forest, which is unknown to the outside community? They eat certain trees, which keep them healthy, they live in thick and dense forest in the mountains, they know the benefits of any tree in the mountains.

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