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The in-laws were celebrating at RangrelisOn Friday afternoon, the police arrested 10 people, including five women, in a raid at Ajanta Hotel in Badaun. Ajanta hotel manager Sudhir Kumar Gupta was sent to jail by the police on Saturday.

Search is on for hotel owner Subhash Dua. A lot of objectionable material was found here after many rooms were searched. Harpal Singh and Balian were raided.

During the raid, the police opened the hotel rooms and arrested 10 people, including five women. The situation was a compromise for all. At that time he was arrested and taken to the police station.


During the operation, the police opened the hotel rooms and arrested 10 people including five women. Everyone was in a compromising position. At that time, the police arrested him and sent him to the police station.


Hotel manager Sudhir Kumar Gupta has also been arrested. The hotel was locked at that time. Later in the evening a team of police again searched the hotel and found all the incriminating material.

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After Alok Mishra lodged an FIR against hotel owner Subhash Dua and manager Sudhir Kumar Gupta late on Friday night, the police arrested hotel manager Sudhir Kumar Gupta and sent him to jail on Saturday afternoon. Fifteen thousand rupees and a register were also recovered from the hotel.


When elders bow down at the police station

Two women came to the hotel with their boyfriends, while one admitted to coming with her brother-in-law. A woman came with a neighbor and close friend.

An elderly woman from Islamnagar was also brought in. He went to the police station late at night to save his son’s daughter-in-law. He bowed his head in shame in front of the elder.


Businessmen’s hotels have been targeted by the police
Not only Ajanta, many other hotels in the city are notorious for this business. The hotel near Shahbazpur Tirah has been raided in the past and an FIR has also been registered against its owner.


Apart from the five couples, objectionable material was also found in the Ajanta hotel. The hotel manager was sent to jail. The owner has not yet been caught. A search is on for him.

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