Girl accused of creating ruckus in Chandigarh University viral video case has been arrested

Girl accused of creating ruckus in Chandigarh University viral video case has been arrested: Uproar at Punjab’s Chandigarh University over viral video case. The ancient national park is teeming with cheetahs imported from Namibia. In Rajasthan, supporters of Gehlot and Pilots are openly meeting each other. On the other hand, this visit was a tense tension for the post of Congress President in the middle of India. The country must stay with this live blog for the big and latest news of the world.

Now this MLA will be arrested, Kejriwal lashed out at the BJP

Aam Aadmi MLA Amanatullah Khan has faced corruption charges against the party, after an Anti-Corruption Bureau team raided his house and arrested him while serving as chairman of the Waqf Council. He was sent to jail. Arvind Kejriwal claimed that more MLAs would be caught. He said many MLAs of his party would go to jail.

Arvind Kejriwal said that these people will also send Killa Gehlot to jail. Many MLAs will now go to jail. He told the MLA’s party, ‘Get ready to go to jail for 3-4 months… Jail is not that bad… I also go. Muster up the courage to stay in jail for 3-4 months, then these people won’t be able to adore us. Preparations are underway to send Sisodia to jail. Your people are honest.

Punjab police action in viral case, girl arrested on charges

There was a lot of uproar after an unflattering video of female students of Chandigarh University went viral. Meanwhile, the Punjab Police has arrested the accused students.

After the video went viral, students of Chandigarh University staged a protest in Mohali on Saturday night. It is suspected that a student made a video of girls taking bath in the hostel. After this video went viral on social media.

Sharad Power has spread the question about women’s conservation, mentality

Nationalist Congress Party President Sharad Pawar said that the mentality of North India and Parliament is still not compatible with reservation for women in Lok Sabha and Assembly. The former Union minister said this at a function organized by the Medical Association in Pune on Saturday. His daughter and Lok Sabha MP Supriya Sule was present on the occasion.

If relatives also come, do not let them enter the pyre.

PM Modi released a cheetah brought from Namibia in a national park in Madhya Pradesh yesterday. After that, the Prime Minister also spoke to the cheetah friends present there. At that time Prime Minister Narendra Modi advised them not to do it under any pressure. Now a lot of people will pressure you to show a leopard, but you don’t have to, he said. Read full news

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Chandigarh University student attempts suicide over viral video

A video was made of 60 girls taking a bath at Chandigarh University in Punjab, which went viral on social media. Following this revelation, several students attempted suicide at Chandigarh University in Mohali. Around 2.30 pm, students reportedly started rioting in Chandigarh University.

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