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Friend’s killer gets life sentence , The accused was sentenced to life imprisonment and fined 50,000 taka for killing a friend in Shamli village of Kaderpur 19 years ago.

Accused has forbidden relationship with deceased’s wife. District Judge and First Additional Sessions Judge Jai Singh decided Pundi.

Assistant Government Advocates, Forensics Ashish Tyagi and Manoj Pandir said that on February 26, 2003, Pal of Kadarpur village of Thanbhavan police station went to Lakshmanpur village of Jhinjhana police station.

When Nutmeg did not return home for several days, his brother Babaram gave it to Tahrir, suspecting hunger from the village. The plaintiff said that there was a forbidden relationship between Bhushan and Sudhesh.

On March 23, 2003, the police registered a case. When asked by the respondent, Pal’s body was buried in the ground by the canal near Ambahat.

The police filed a charge sheet against Bhushan and Sudesh in the court.

The matter was issued by an Additional District Chief Officer and Judge Session I in Jai Singh Pandey’s court.

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The court convicted Bhushan, who was the accused, while Sudhesh died in 2016. The accused was fined five thousand rupees in 2013.


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