Find out why girls shirts have 2 hidden buttons, because fashion or something here

Why do women’s shirts have 2 hidden buttons?Women’s fashion has more than one outfit name. There are many types of women’s clothing available in the market from simple to designer. Despite this, the shirt craze among women remains the same as it was in the 1980s.

Shirts are usually associated with men, but there are many options in the market for women and interestingly, women have more choice in shirts than men. It is also important for you to know that there are some differences between women’s and men’s shirts.

The button is the biggest difference. Both shirts have buttons, but they are on different sides. But women’s shirt buttons also have a special feature. Women’s shirts also have two hidden buttons. This secret button will be discussed today.
Most collared women’s shirts have this type of button. A good brand shirt will have these buttons, whereas a local brand shirt will not have these buttons (take styling inspiration from Bollywood celebrities). These buttons are placed after the first button on the collar and after the second button.

Due to the swelling of the breast, the shirt opens slightly from the top. Also the shirt fits poorly due to visible fabric inside.

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To prevent this from happening, women usually wake up the protection millet from the inside of the shirt. However, it spoils the look of the shirt from the outside. If a shirt has these two hidden buttons, it cannot be a fashion disaster. Press these buttons inward without ruining the look of your shirt, so the fabric inside the shirt will not be visible and the shirt will fit nicely.

Concealed buttons on women’s shirts are smaller than the outer buttons and close on the inside. These two hidden buttons are attached to the shirt by a hinge. The button on these hinges locks the top of the shirt and cannot be opened.

The next time you buy a shirt, making sure it has hidden buttons will be very helpful.

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