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Fierce fight between the impersonator and the lion:- Social media is flooded with videos of wild animal fights.

Most of these videos show animals fighting among themselves or fighting in groups. The video of this episode is once again creating a lot of buzz.

This video shows several lions and a buffalo.
In the end, the buffalo itself destroyed all the status of the lion. After being hunted by the first calf, he attacked the lions fiercely, but he became enraged and attacked the lion.
In this video which has gone viral on social media, a buffalo can be seen walking with its mother in the forest with her calf.

Then there are many lions. One by one they try to catch the calf. The calf hides many things behind the mother’s back as she tries to hide again and again.

The buffalo got angry and started teasing the lion one by one. This form of buffalo drives away all the lions in the forest.

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We want to tell you that this video has been shared by YouTube account @Act Factory and the buffalo has touched many hearts in these videos.

More than 100,000 people have seen this video so far. More than a thousand people have liked this video so far.


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