Fans still want to see Kapil and Alia together, will Ali return to Kapil’s show?

Fans still want to see Kapil and Alia togetherIt has been 5 years since Ali Asghar left The Sharma Show. Fans still want to see Kapil and Alia together. Ali Asgar said in an interview, when I returned to the show, I did not think that I would not do the show. So I can’t say whether to do it or not.

Ali Asghar, who once graced the role of Sharma’s grandmother in The Kapil Sharma Show, is now seen in the dance reality event Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. Fans love to see Ali in various scrolls on screen. But she got the most love in the role of grandmother. Whether Ali Asgar will return to The Sharma Kapil Performance or not, Ali has now revealed.

Ali left The Sharma Kapil Show after 5 years. Fans still want to see Kapil and Alia together. Now in an interview Ali Asghar was asked, are they still open to work on Kapil Sharma comedy events? Ali replied – If you are honest, you do not know this. You cannot predict in advance. I never thought I wouldn’t do it. So I can’t say whether to do it or not.

Talking about Sharma’s breakup with Kapil over the incident, Ali Asgar said, “Unfortunately, there was no talk between me and Kapil after leaving the show. We have a missed contact. Never got a phone call and a meeting. So can’t say right now whether I will do the show again or not.” .My problem is with character and criticism. Nothing more than that. I haven’t performed Kapil and there is no big reason why I won’t. The day will be fine, me and I will be together again. Only time will tell at this point.

Why did Ali Kapil leave the show?

Sharma Ali Asgar’s performance of Kapil is going well. The whole issue happened after Sharma and Sunil Grover’s fight on the plane. Ali supports Sunil Grover in this fight. Kapil was also told. The Kapil-Mati controversy also affected Ali Asghar. Along with Sunil Grover, Ali Asghar also left Capitol Performance.

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He has not returned to The Sharma Show since then. In an interview with the agency, Ali said that he had a creative conflict with Kapil and the team, hence he quit the show. We worked together for a long time but after a while I felt I had to leave the show. Because I have creative differences. My character doesn’t go anywhere in the story. I don’t see the scope of the incident.

Ali is a famous TV actor. He has appeared in many shows like Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, Kutumb, FIR. …Ali Asgar also acted in the film. These days, she was seen in the reality show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Dance. The dance performance is loved by the audience.

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