Every husband tells his wife and lover these 8 lies, the fifth lie is the most dangerous

Every husband tells his wife and girlfriend these 8 lies: In that relationship, you must often lie to people about something. There can be many reasons for lying in a relationship, sometimes people don’t make couples unhappy and sometimes they can’t prove their intentions in the right way. In such a situation, today we will tell you about some common lies that men often tell their partners.

Women, men, children are all lying. It is human nature to lie. It is a way out of a difficult situation. But after all, this does not mean that someone lies just to get out of a difficult situation. Sometimes people lie to hide the truth. In many cases people lie to people in front of them to hide their mistakes.

There are some people who lie for no reason. When it comes to lying in relationships, many times people lie to avoid arguments, conflicts, or to hurt partners or to make couples happy. In such a situation, today we will tell you about some common lies that men often tell their wives or girlfriends or female friends. Let’s know about them-

i am singleIt is often seen that when men are attracted to other women during a relationship, they lie to her that they are single. By telling such lies, men want women not to stop talking in front of them.

I didn’t see him- In many such cases men would sit with their female companions. At that time, when other women suddenly pass by, men look at them. When the couple interrupts them, the men often avoid the problem by saying that they have not seen the woman but suddenly start thinking about something.

I never smoke or smoke cigarettes– Often when women refuse men to smoke, both men smoke before the couple meets or if a partner smells a cigarette from a male cigarette, he lies that someone smokes in front of him, because the smell smells like smoke. Cigarette smoke rises on clothes.

I only think of you- Many times men lie to win your partner’s heart and don’t make her sad because I only think about you.

I can’t live without you- You often see in movies that the girlfriend tells her girlfriend on the phone that I can’t live without you and after the phone hangs up, the party starts or she starts making plans. Men often tell such lies to try to win the trust of their partners.

Lies about moneyOften men lie before marriage to impress a girl that they have a lot of money. At the same time, married men often lie to their wives about not having money even though they do.

No sex before marriage- In order to win any girl, men often lie that they will not be intimate at all before marriage. But once the girl talks or is in a relationship, the game changes completely.

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You are the first girl to fall in loveGuys often lie to their girlfriends or wives that they fell in love once. Often guys don’t talk about their girlfriends in the past because their partners will start to feel insecure.

However, now you have to ask, do boys lie and not girls? So it’s not exactly that, but we’ll discuss it in another article.

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