Elephant seen applying ‘Ninja Technique’ while exiting the small gate of the house, watch video

The elephant was seen applying the ‘ninja technique’ while exiting the small gate of the house.Watch Video: Sometimes ‘Gajraj”s raga raga dominates people, and sometimes his cute style wins people over. Sometimes wild animals are also seen fighting for food. Sometimes elephants come out of the forest and reach residential areas in search of food. Recently, one such video is going viral, where you will be surprised to see an elephant looking for food.

The video shows an elephant coming out of a small door in a room. This time, the elephant is seen applying ‘ninja tricks’ to get out of the small gate.

In the video, the elephant can be seen somehow twisting its body and trying its best to get out of the door. After watching the video, users also do not get tired of appreciating this amazing trick of the elephant.

The video, which has gone viral on social media platforms, was shared by Indian Forest Service officer Sushant Nanda on his Twitter handle, showing ‘Gajraj’ slowly coming out of a house. While sharing the video, the caption reads,

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When it comes to their (elephants’) favorite things, such limitations are no obstacle. Komal Vishali is going out after eating a delicious breakfast. They have more olfactory receptors than any mammal, including dogs, and can smell food even miles away.’

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