‘Diya Jalkar Tumi Nive…’, an evergreen song by Noor Jahan

Legendary playback singer Lata Mangeshkar has always admitted that she learned playback in films by following Mudi Noorjahan. Read famous writer and poet Jatindra Mishra’s article about Noorjahan here…

Popular singer and actress Noor Jahan

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Noor Jahan is the legendary singer who is very popular not only in Pakistan but also in India. Today is Nurjahan’s birthday. After the partition of India-Pakistan in 1947, Noor Jahan moved to Pakistan, and later became a major star of Hindi film music as the representative voice of the neighboring country’s playback songs. A special fact to note here is that Noor Jahan’s contribution to music and cinema is considered worthy till date only because of Indian subcontinent films.

Noor Jahan means complete music

An expert in Hindustani classical music, Noorjahan was learning thumri, dhrupad and khayal voices from maestro Ghulam Mohammad under the Patiala gharana. His list of films is also running, of which three big films released in 1945 – Zeenat, Gaon Ki Gori and Badi Ma are considered memorable. In today’s film terms, Mehbub Khan’s Anmale Gadi, released in 1946, became a blockbuster, starring Surendra Nayak and co-star Suraiya.

In the year of independence of the country, two big films named Mirza Sahiba and Jugnu were released. Jugnu paired with the legendary actor Dilip Kumar, which was well received by the audience. His other notable films are Dheeraj, Chandni and Parivar Chakar, Dost, Hamjoli and Bhaijaan.

Noor Jahan has a long but memorable list of songs, which even today when listened to on YouTube makes one wonder that, in an era where single track techno records were recorded, this was not the only song of its kind. how efficiently Noorjahan continued to work ups and downs, ups and downs, Mian-Murki. Legendary playback singer Lata Mangeshkar has always admitted that she learned playback in films by following Mudi Noorjahan.

Lata Mangeshkar considered Noorjahan as her role model

Lata ji says that she learned how to use the Urdu alphabet correctly from Noor Jahan. This is a great example, which shows that Noor Jahan’s songs have been heard and read like textbooks by India’s great playback singers. If you want to remember, you will remember some of the best songs of Noor Jahan, which made her an incomparable singer.

Anmol Gadi’s duet with Surendra ‘Awaaz De Kahan Hai To Hai To Hai’ is historic, his Jawan Hai Mohabbat, Haseen Hai Zamana and Aa Ja Meri Badsha Mohabbat remain contemporary to music lovers till date. Badi Ma Gawa Tar Diya Jalkar Aap Mandaya song is one of the best songs in Hindi film music, which has no answer to its excellence. Similarly, how can a village girl’s mind forget, Oder khal aya hua, Zeenat’s sad storm went like this and Budbud doesn’t cry here and Jugnu ka aaj ki raat, Saj-e-dil pardard na cheda are songs like this. still new Playback singers can improve by listening to their songs.

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Lata Mangeshkar was a fan of all his songs, especially his non-film composition Gul Khil Chand Raat. Lataji once recounted to me that whenever Noorjahan met her, she would request to hear Razia Sultan’s songs Ae Dil-e-Nadan, Arju Kya Hai, Jastju Kya Hai, with music directed by composer Khayyam. Noor Jahan is such a big star of film music, whose beautiful songs have lit up the last century. It is recorded in his biography that India’s great playback singer Lata Mangeshkar considered him as her role model in the context of playback singing.

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