Children are first tied up and beaten overnight on suspicion of theft, then dragged to the police station in the morning –

Baloda Bazar Crime: Taliban Punish Children For StealingChhattisgarh’s Balodabazar: A surprising incident has come to light. The police have taken action against three children aged 10 to 11 years who were severely beaten by miscreants overnight on suspicion of theft.

You will also be moved when you see the matter in Kasdol of the district. You will also be surprised to hear and know about the work of the police. Three children aged between 11 and 10 were tied up with rope and beaten overnight after a case was registered against them. After the video went viral on social media, police retaliated round the clock and discussed action. Now questions are being raised about the action of the police in such a situation.

Balodabazar: An incident has come to light in Kasdol of the district, which will shake your soul. You will be surprised to hear and know that the police took such measures. After filing a case against them, three innocent children aged 11-10 years were beaten to death with a rope overnight. When the video went viral on social media, the police responded round the clock and reached out to them. Now questions are being raised about the action of the police in such a situation.

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An eighty-year-old woman was also killed by miscreants

Meanwhile, the grandmother of a child said that miscreants killed her grandson first in front of her eyes. When I tried to stop the miscreants, I was also severely beaten. Then my grandson was taken to the police station. Despite all this, the police did not take any action against the rioters, said the old lady.

SP assured to take action

The SP has been informed about the Taliban attitude of the Dabangg. After that, SP Deepak Jha assured to take action. Now it remains to be seen what action is taken against those who neglect children. At the same time, due to the attitude of the police, the trust towards the victims and the poor families is also increasing.

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