Chandni has completed 33 years, you will not be able to know these things related to films

After the movie Chandni, the era of romance and music returned to Bollywood in that decade. Although initially this film did not do much business at the box office.

Chandni completes 33 years

Chandni was released exactly 33 years ago on September 14, 1989. Chandni’s name is also featured in the hit film of well-known director Yash Chopra. On the film’s 33rd anniversary, Anil Kapoor tweeted, recalling the film’s cast and writing that Yash Chopra had offered him a role in the film. But he regrets not being able to do the film. He is still sad about this. The star cast lead actor of Chandni is no more in this world today. Vinod Khanna, Sridevi and Rishi Kapoor bid farewell to this world. Yash Chopra is no more with us.

This is how the idea of ​​making moonshine came

The idea of ​​making a Chandni film released in Bollywood in the last year of the eighties is also quite interesting. One day Yash Chopra was going from home to office. On the way, he saw movie posters of that time on both sides of the road. By this time, most of the films had action. When Yash Chopra saw the posters from his car, one thing came to mind. He noticed that all the movie posters were the same. All the posters have the same guns and big weapons. Only the actors are changing. He decided at the same time that he would make a film that would give him peace and happiness. He does not make films keeping in mind the needs and trends of the masses. The trend then was towards violence and action films.

This is how Sridevi got the role of Chandni

Kamna Chandra, the writer of Chandni tells the story of the film to Yash Chopra. He was satisfied with this story. Earlier Kamna Chandra also wrote the story of Prem Rog. Now the search for the lead actress of Chandni has started. Yash Chopra watched the original version of Sridevi’s Sadma. He was also impressed with her performance. He called Sridevi and informed about his film. Sridevi immediately said yes for the film.

Sridevi’s character and clothes in the film were quite simple. Sridevi wore minimal make-up in this film. Sridevi was mostly dressed in white in the film. Because her role was that of a small town middle class girl.

Convinced Vinod Khanna for the role

Yash Chopra said in an interview that Vinod Khanna’s role in Chandni was smaller than that of Rishi Kapoor and Sridevi. When Vinod went to explain his role to Khanna, he had questions in his own mind. By then Vinod Khanna was known as an action hero. Yash Chopra offered Vinod Khanna the role of a very quiet and shy person. This role did not match with Vinod Khanna of that time. Apart from this, his role was also very small. Yash Chopra approached Vinod Khanna about the role and Vinod Khanna agreed to do the role.

Movies have changed overnight

The film Chandni was very close to Yash Chopra’s heart. He made many changes in the main story of the film. Sridevi has a son in the second half of the first film. But Yash Chopra changed that by talking to the film’s writer Kamna Chandra. When he told Rishi Kapoor and Sridevi about this, they both said that they have full confidence in Yash Chopra and are ready for whatever changes the film may have. The meeting scene of Vinod Khanna and Sridevi has also been changed in the film. Earlier this scene was full of action but after shooting Yash Chopra felt the entire sequence was out of context. Later this too was changed.

Film distributors are skeptical about Chandni’s success

Chandni called Yash Chopra, the film’s distributor, before the film’s release. She told Yash Chopra that she felt the film would harm her. Yash Chopra asked why he felt this way. The film distributor said that Vinod Khanna is in the film and there are no fights or action sequences in the entire film. Yash Chopra tried to convince him a lot. But if he did not agree, he reduced 2 to 3 lakh taka. But at the same time there was a condition. Yash Chopra said you don’t believe in this film, so 80% of what it earns will be mine and 20% yours. When the film became a hit, the film distributor sent him a check but Yash Chopra refused to accept it.

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Another special thing about the film was the music and songs of this film. There were 10 songs in the film. All songs are on people’s lips. This film brought back the era of romance and music in Bollywood. Initially, Chandni did not do much business at the box office. But later it proved to be a super hit film.

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