Chandan Prabhakar also bids farewell to The Kapil Sharma Show after comedian Krishna Abhishek’s rift or was there a special reason?

After the debut of comedian Krishna Abhishek, Chandan Prabhakar also bid farewell to The Kapil Sharma Show.After Krishna Abhishek, Chandan Prabhakar also left The Kapil Sharma Show. Chandan is playing the role of Chandu in The Kapil Sharma Show. In an interview, she revealed that she will not be participating in the show. According to the comedian, there is no particular reason for this. It’s time for a break.

The Kapil Sharma Show from September 10 will make you laugh again. The news was that Krishna Abhishek will not be able to join the show with Kapil this time. However, no other comedians can participate in this Latter Dose show. It is true that Kapil Sharma’s good friend Chandan Prabhakar popularly known as Chandu is also absent.

Now there will be no Chandu Chaiwala

Fans of The Kapil Sharma Show are quite excited about the new season. Many old and new faces will be seen in the event. The Kapil Sharma Show played the role of Chandan Chandu. He keeps everyone laughing with his comedy. According to him, he will not participate in the show. There are speculations that Chandan also has a conflict with Kapil.

So let’s say it’s not like that. As reported by Pinkvilla, the two are very good friends. There is no quarrel between Kapil and Chandan. Chandan clarified that there is no particular reason behind leaving the show. They just want a break from it. Chandan got a little bored while playing the role of Chandu Chawala.

Reasons for leaving the show

Chandan says that he is officially leaving Kapil’s show. Chandan was also absent from Kapil’s Australia tour. Kiku Sharda, Krishna Abhishek were seen with him on this tour. Chandan appeared in the promo of the new season of The Kapil Sharma Show. His character was upgraded this season. His wife and child are also shown. It was a bit strange to say goodbye to fans under such circumstances.

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Before Chandan, Krishna Abhishek and Bharti Singh also confirmed that they will not be seen on The Kapil Sharma Show. Krishna confirmed that it was due to a financial settlement. Meanwhile, Bharti says she needs a break. Besides my baby, there are other projects we need to complete together. So they cannot take much pressure.

Archana Puran Singh will be seen in the guest seat like every time in the new season. Other actors like Siddharth Sagar, Sumana Chakraborty, Kiku Sharda and Shrishti Rode will also attend the event. It is known that the first episode of the show has been shot. Akshay Kumar has started working with a new cast.

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