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Relationship with mother-in-law:- We are married. The last time I got married was a long time ago. I am married to my husband.

We were very happy together, but not until my younger sister came back from America. Because my husband often tries to get close to my sister. Many times I saw him secretly looking at my sister’s pictures.

I have a 23 year old daughter in my family. I’m sorry she never brought it up to me, but she loves me so much.

Why doesn’t she seem bothered by my husband’s actions? My husband not only made excuses but avoided that it was due to my insecurities, at which point I tried to talk to him about the issue.

In my life, I have two very important relationships which are being destroyed due to ongoing conflict between my husband and sister. The problem is not clear to me. How can it be solved?
Success co-founder and relationship coach Vishal Bharadwaj’s prediction suggests first stopping doubting your husband. You are unintentionally ruining two of your closest relationships because of this one.
There’s no doubt that things get steamy between women very quickly.

If that was the case, your sister would have provided some feedback on the matter. Your husband’s silence may not be a problem for him.
In the environment in which we have grown up, people have made ‘Sali Adhi Gharwali’ a myth, which sometimes destroys relationships completely.

This is because, when brothers and sisters talk a lot with laughter, people start to misinterpret their actions. Still, it’s just your wrong thinking, and it doesn’t affect everyone. Because of doubt, I suggest that you don’t spoil your relationship with your husband and sister.
If you suspect that the two of you are having an illicit relationship, you should keep a close eye on both of them. This way you will soon know whether you are right or wrong.

Focus should be on relationships

Discuss openly with your husband after considering all your points. Put your trust in them. Please don’t blame your sister. Make time for your husband and bring the same amount of energy into your relationship at the same time. You can also learn a lot about what’s wrong with him from the changes that have occurred in him.

After reading all your words, I just want to say that you should be open about this with your husband. They should believe. Please don’t blame your sister. Involve your husband in your relationship and spend time with him.

A change in him can also indicate if he is doing something wrong with you.
I just want to say keep all your issues in mind and talk openly with your husband about this. Put your trust in them. Please don’t blame your sister.

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You give strength to your relationship with your husband. Changes in him can also tell you a lot about whether he is doing something wrong with you.


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