Breast Resting Area Do you know the meaning of this term and its expiry date?

Do you know the resting area of ​​the breast? Bras are worn by almost all women and have an expiration date. What is the full form of bra? Despite this, 80 percent of women do not know much about it.

The word bra is actually an acronym. It is derived from the French word bressier (brassière). New York’s Evening Herald used it in 1893. Advertisements by the Debevois company made it very popular in 1904. In 1907, Vogue magazine published the term ‘brazier’ for the first time and the term became popular ever since. The Oxford English Dictionary edited it a few years later.

Originally known as a baby’s underwear, the term later changed to women’s underwear. In short, a fuller form of bra that has gradually gained popularity is the BRA – Breast Rest Area. As the modern bra has evolved, so has the name of the bra. That’s it.

The bra was an early invention, but so was the cup shape. I can’t even imagine how weird that would be. Women must have found this dress uncomfortable. In the 1930s, the SH Camp Company developed a cup sizing system that is still in use today. Shape letters changed from A to D. Amendments will be made in future.

About 80% of women wear the wrong bra

Most women wear the wrong bra size, which you may not know. Worldwide, about 80% of women wear the wrong bra size for various reasons. She can do a variety of fittings and despite the many guides available, she still doesn’t know how to get the right bra size.

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Bras also have an expiration date

The problem is that women do not know this and continue to use it for years. Bras also have expiration dates, and an average bra that you wear several times a week should last 6-9 months. This is because the shape of the bra changes over time and is not able to provide proper support.

It seems more a matter of hygiene than truth, but there are many secrets hidden in bras. Most women don’t wash it even once a week. Due to the different materials and sizes, the bra will lose shape if it is machine washed repeatedly. Wash your bra at least once a week as per hygiene rules.

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