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Before Chandigarh, the country was shaken by this incident in Rajasthan:- Extortion outrage: Dirty recording of female students at a private college in Mohali has gone viral.

A young woman living in an inn recorded about 60 girls pulling their hair. The accused woman said during police interrogation that she was being forcibly recorded.

This issue is being discussed across the country, but on 21 April 1992, another horrific incident was witnessed from the Ajmer area of ​​Rajasthan. Where hundreds of school and school students are framed and physically exploited and assaulted.

At this time, many young women also put an end to this. Many powerful people have been nominated in the whole affair. Let’s talk about this terrible incident full of vandalism and regret.

The year was 1992 and the date was 21st April, on this day a paper made a big show. After that, it is known that more than a hundred schoolgirls in Ajmer were physically assaulted by the family members. It is said that a large number of these girls have also been assaulted.

However, since there was no such information at that time, the matter was tried to be suppressed. After that, on May 15, the newspaper distributed blurry pictures of many young women and also composed their compositions. After this, the investigation started again in the entire country.
In their statement, the young women said that some powerful relatives in the city beat them and physically assaulted them. At that time, his obscene pictures were also taken. Then they get scared and compromise.

Young women were also forced to accompany their comrades, bombed, which was undermined by various photographs, including showing rebel pictures of them to relatives.

Girls used to take partners to save them. Along these lines, the convicts personally seized more than 100 young women and physically abused them. During this time, many girls were assaulted.

After the paper came to light, the matter reached the police and an investigation began. During this time many sensational events happened. The investigation revealed that the accused used to get obscene pictures of laundered girls in the lab.

The lab staff also started compromising with those girls. After that he beat many girls. The most disturbing thing is that many young women call it quits when the matter comes to light.

Reportedly, the situation reached such a point that no one was ready to marry the girls of the town.
Everyone was surprised when the information of the accused in this case was revealed during the investigation of the case. Most of the condemned were placed with rich families.

This embarrassment also included the name of Ajmer’s most famous Chishti clan. Police have named Nafis Chishti and Farooq Chishti, both Youth Congress vanguards, as accused.

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After the statement of 17 young women, the police has listed the bodies designated as evidence against 18 people. The court sentenced eight of them to life imprisonment.


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