Bajrangi riots, boycott slogans against Alia-Ranbir visiting Mahakal

In Ujjain, Bajrangi protested against Ranveer and Alia’s Ujjain Mahakal Darshan and raised slogans of boycott. The film Brahmastra of these two stars is going to release soon.

Bajrangi created a ruckus against Alia-Ranveer.

Bollywood stars Alia and Ranbir Kapoor were on their way to the Ujjain Mahakal Temple for the success of their film Brahmastra. Bajrangis got this news and secretly a group of Bajrangis gathered to protest. Bajrangi was protesting that in 2012, actor Ranbir Kapoor had said in an interview that he prefers to eat non-fried beef with mutton, chicken. Apart from this, a few days ago Alia Bhatt also made a controversial statement that people who don’t like to watch my film Brahmastra should watch it. In this regard, Bajrangi also protested against Ranveer and Alia’s Ujjayini Mahakal Darshan and raised boycott slogans.

Seeing the sudden gathering of Bajrangis, the administration did not understand anything and the police forcefully removed the Bajrang Dal who were chanting slogans. Along with this, it is also coming to light that Ranveer and Alia, who were going to reach Mahakal Darshan, went out to see Kalbhairav ​​first due to Jai Bajrangi’s protest.

Protested against the attack on the workers

The activists of the Hindu organization were said to have been peacefully chanting boycott slogans against Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, but the police and administration cracked down on the protest and beat up some activists. Due to which the officials of Vishwa Hindu Parishad Bajrang Dal not only raised slogans but also opposed to insulting the worker. Ankit Choubey of Hindutva organization said that the attack on the worker was unjust, we were only protesting against the wrong statements made by Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt.

“Beef eaters will not be allowed to enter the temple”

Hindutva leader Ankit Chaubey said that Ranbir Kapoor eats non-veg and advertises the same. Ujjain is a religious city, we will not allow such an actor in Baba Mahakal’s court. VHP and Bajrang Dal workers are protesting outside the Mahakal temple. Under no circumstances will Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt be allowed to go to Mahakal.

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