Babar Azam only want to give place to the group of friends? Big attack on Pakistan captain

Babar Azam only want to give place to the group of friends? Big attack on Pakistani captain:-Pakistan team had to face a miserable defeat to Sri Lanka in the final of the 2022 Asia Cup. Pakistan’s former captain Salman Butt has put the players of Babar Azam’s team on trial.

According to him, Pakistan has accumulated players who have not improved together and have little room for improvement. He also questioned Pakistan Cricket Board President Ramiz Raza for misbehaving with an Indian journalist. According to Babar Azam, Shoaib Malik should talk about the players in the Pakistani team because of friendship.

‘Only young players can win for Pakistan’
A Pakistani YouTube channel quoted Salman Butt as saying, “Young players must be in the team, but the combination of experienced players is also important.” He won’t mature if he plays with players like him, but you need experienced players around him to make that happen.

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All the players you’ve collected are the ones you’ve collected through your process. As the same players play together, their rate of improvement decreases. A man will always be better if he turns to someone better than himself.

Are Babar Azam’s friends getting a chance to play with him?
Salman Butt advised Shoaib Malik to openly discuss the Pakistani team and their friendship. Shoaib Malik only said that there is friendship in Pakistan.

The player referred by the owner must be identified. After Pakistan’s loss in the Asia Cup, Shoaib Malik tweeted, ‘When will we get out of the culture of friendship and likes? Righteous people always get Allah’s help.

Pakistan’s batting lacked consistency in the Asia Cup. Despite the runs, Babar Azam’s strike rate became a concern for the team. A very weak middle order was also evident. This is why questions are constantly being raised about the Pakistan team.

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