At an event, Preity Zinta’s outfit upset her, causing her to suffer an oops moment

During an event, Preity Zinta’s outfit annoyed her:- Preity Zinta was one of the most expensive actresses of her time.

In 1998, she made her Bollywood debut with ‘Dil Se’ and started winning hearts.
Many of his Bollywood movies have been super duper hits. People still remember and enjoy watching movies like Veer Zaara, Kaavi Albida Na Kehna, Kal Ho Na Ho and Shree.

It is Preity Zinta’s innocence and beauty that people love.
Dimples formed on her cheeks when she smiled. Seeing this dimpled form of his vortex, everyone was drowned.
Although not seen in films, she is active on social media.

There is no change in Preity Zinta’s beauty or fitness. She has a beautiful smile and I still love how she looks. Preity Zinta’s dimpled smile is quite popular.
His social media activity.

A video of Preity Zinta has gone viral. He was seen in front of the camera at an event. She looks beautiful in her tights, but her fans’ hearts are racing. @FSstarNews shared this video on YouTube.

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Preity Zinta’s beauty and her dazzling smile are winning everyone’s hearts. This video has been watched by lakhs of people so far and is also receiving lots of comments and likes. It says your dimple still wants to be killed by a user.


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