Arrest Zubin Natial: Fans demand arrest of Zubin Natial, read full story

Arrest of Zubin Nautial started trending on social media. Twitter users using this hashtag are saying, this is the true face of Bollywood.

Fans are demanding the arrest of Zubin Nautiyal

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Every day some new controversies are heard about Bollywood. But now people are targeting not only actors but also singers. Bollywood famous singer Zubin Nautial They are the target of these trollers. Hashtag Arrest Jubin Nautial is trending on Twitter. We tell you, Zubin has sung many superhit songs from ‘Bewafa Tera Masur Chehra’ to ‘Rata Lambiana’, ‘Dil Galat Kar Baitha Hai’, ‘Tum Hi Ana’. But singer Zubin Nautiyal, who won the hearts of fans with this beautiful song, is now in a new trouble.

In fact Zubin’s musical concert is going to be held in America very soon. He is very excited about this concert. However, Zubin is being trolled on social media due to this concert. In fact, the reason behind Zubin’s trolls is his mastermind. The name of this organizer is Jai Singh. Some social media users say that Jai Singh is a wanted criminal in Punjab. Chandigarh police have been searching for Jai Singh for the past 30 years.

Know who Jai Singh is

Jai Singh, organizer of Zubin Nautiyal’s concert, has been charged by the police with video piracy and drug trafficking. Jai Singh is now living in USA. He was a resident of Punjab.

An uproar over a tweet

In fact, due to a viral post by Zubin, Jai Singh, who organized his concert, was exposed. Reposting his concert post, a social media user named Rehan Siddiqui tagged Jai Singh and said, “My favorite singer is coming to Houston. Good story Jai Singh. Now waiting for your great performance.”

Check out fans’ angry tweets here

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Zubin Natial is being trolled

Arrested on social media after this post Zubin Nautial It’s starting to trend. Twitter users using this hashtag are saying, this is the true face of Bollywood. He is working with blacklisted personalities. Which is really a shame.

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