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Anuj hugs Kinjal and Anupama gets ready– Anuj told Anupama in today’s episode of Star Plus’ popular serial Anupama I understand your point, if a mother doesn’t even see a broken toy, how can she see her broken relationship when it falls? Appreciate
She cries again and says, now your warrior is crying and talking, you told the truth what happened to Kinjal, you are a warrior. Doing the same thing for a long time

Everything else is becoming too much for him to handle. Anupama is upset as she believes that she was targeting her upbringing when she fell. He sometimes feels that he should close the door and leave this world. Immediately Anupama knew that Anuj was still hungry.
She decides to make breakfast, while Kinjal wakes up and Anupama has a meeting at Anu’s school. He doesn’t want to shirk his responsibility, so Banraj stands by Dolly and Kavya Kinjal. It’s weird.

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They are explained that Arya was hungry, but he is here feeding her. Leela asks Kinjal to think about Arya and that’s when she speaks and tells him to go ahead.
Everything changes with time, forget what’s gone and think ahead, Kavya says Anupama has gone back to her house, two Kinjals get upset, Leela says I forgot Anupama.

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Kinjal then stops her and assures her that everything is fine. Barka and Ankush then ask Anupama about Kinjal, but she only hears from Anuj that she is worried about them.
Here a glimpse decides that Ghar Rakhi Daba thinks Kinjal is going to her house, Ankush also says that Kinjal and his elder should divorce soon, Manu is fine so Barkha says something, father, son Banraj and Paritosh both are the same, Ankush also says that Kinjal and Her elder needs a divorce soon.

Keejal says she is going to Anupama’s house as she doesn’t want mom to come here for me. Everyone says the job will get done, but they say that’s why he’s going there.
So she doesn’t have to worry about much work, she doesn’t have to come here again and again for me, she wants to stay with him, Kinjal accuses Rakhi of hiding her truth, then the rest say.

Although I was in favor of pleasure, I know we are wrong. In the upcoming episode, Kavya will deliver Kinjal and Aaliya and drop them at Kumar’s house. Paritosh tells Samar that Anupama now wants to divorce Kinjal, so she has to do the same with her daughter.


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