Akshay Kumar did such a thing for his daughter, becoming a hero and dominating the internet

Akshay Kumar recently shared a video and picture on his Instagram. In this latest post, he exemplifies being a real dad by winning toys for his daughter Nitara.

Akshay Kumar

Image Credit Source: Instagram

Bollywood’s Khiladi Kumar aka Akshay Kumar is a powerhouse on social media these days. Akshay is considered among those actors in the industry who give full time to their family along with their work. Often this actor’s name comes in the headlines because of his films. This is the first time he has done something like this while he is dominating the internet as a hero for his daughter Nitara. say that he

Akshay Kumar always shares all the updates related to his personal and professional life on social media with his fans. Now an intimate video of him is going viral. Where he is seen chilling with his daughter Nitara. In the video, Akshay Kumar is seen walking in an amusement park with his daughter Nitara. This time, the father-daughter duo held a big teddy bear in their hands.

In the viral video, Akshay Kumar shows off a very fun style while walking with a teddy on his head and spending quality time with his daughter. “Took my daughter to an amusement park yesterday. Seeing his happy smile after winning not one, but two stuffed toys for him made me feel like a hero.”

Watch the viral video here

Parent-Daughter Bonding on the Internet

Akshay Kumar’s fans are reacting to this video. Also, people are showering their love on the daughter-father bond. One user wrote Hi so sweet… Another user wrote Wow so amazing… Tell me how much Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar loves his family, the picture clearly shows. Now Akshay’s fans are also loving these pictures and calling him a good father.

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