After all, when asked why her boyfriend Adil doesn’t want to marry Rakhi Sawant, she made a shocking revelation

After all, why doesn’t her boyfriend Adil want to marry Rakhi Sawant?:Tips Vastu: Did you know, Vastu has some special things to say about sleep aspects. According to Vastushastra, sleeping in a certain direction strengthens a person’s bad luck and starts increasing problems in life.

Rakhi BF Fair: Actress Rakhi Sawant and her girlfriend Adil Khan dominate social media all the time. Where fair, there is no rakhi, rarely seen.

Actress Rakhi Sawant and her boyfriend Adil Khan have been dominating social media all the time. Where fair, there is no rakhi, rarely seen.

Romantic and candid photos and videos often dominate social media. Then both meet at the airport or market.

Rakhi and Faira fans now want to marry her immediately, but Faira says that she will not marry the actress anymore.

Adil also told the reason behind not marrying Rakhi. According to Adil, Rakhi was too deep, he doubted her a lot.

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In a telephone conversation, Adil said, ‘Raki was always suspicious. He realized that I was still in touch with my ex-sarabat. ,

Revealing Rakhi’s suspicious behavior, Adil says, “When Mysore goes to her house, she sends me to check.”

“I am afraid that if he has written so much, everything will be ruined after marriage. Because the family will also be involved.”

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