After 3 years, Farmani Naaz arrives at in-law’s house unannounced, creates commotion –

After three years, Farmani Naz reached his father-in-law’s house without informingAfter three years, Formani, who became famous for singing Har Har Shambhu, reached his father-in-law’s house. There was much commotion after Farmani left. According to Farmani, her husband lied about remarrying. His second marriage also resulted in a child, about whom he constantly lied.

Farmani Naaz, headlined by the Har Har Shambhu song, is regularly discussed. It is sometimes said that he has a grand studio worth one crore rupees. Formani is sometimes headlined for other reasons. Recently, when Formani Naz reached his in-laws house, there was a commotion. Three years later, Formani stepped into his father-in-law’s house and no one could have imagined what happened.

Formani reached his in-laws after three long years

Formani Naz appeared in Indian Idol 12. Unfortunately, he did not win the show and had to leave with an unfinished draw. Firmani was not satisfied with the Indian Idol stage, but did not give up. Shemani sang Har Har Shambhu in a singing competition and everyone knows her today.

There was a commotion in Farmani’s in-laws’ house

Formani is accused of creating a ruckus when Naz reached her in-laws’ house, Formani said that Imran had married her without informing her. Meanwhile, according to the singer’s husband, she and Farmani have been separated for a long time, the video shows Farman arriving at his in-laws’ house as he is about to use. They, along with his in-laws.

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When the matter escalated, a neighbor had to come and calm the matter down. Due to which Farmani’s husband claims, it is not right to come to their village and do these things. Here, according to Farmani Naj, her in-laws harass her husband.

Let’s see what the police do in the whole incident.

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