A viral video of a cute child celebrating a teacher has people questioning the teacher-student relationship

Questions people ask about teacher-student relationships: People target female teachers because of viral video. In the video, a child is seen hugging a female teacher and apologizing. After watching the video, many are seen questioning the teacher-student relationship. This time in conversation with AJ Tak, the female teacher said – Please do not spread dirt. Watch the video from a better perspective. She is very good.

A video of a school student and a female teacher has gone viral on social media. The female teacher became angry with the child because of repeated conversations in the class. The teacher told the child that he would not speak. About this, children begin to convince the teacher. After the video went viral, the teacher in an interaction with AAJ said that there is no relationship between students and teachers like mother and child.

The female teacher seen in the viral video is Shriya Tripathi. That is the prayer population. Shriya taught at Seth Anandaram Jaipuria School last year. He is an ideal LKG class teacher there. Shriya Agriculture Graduate D.EL.ED from Kishori Lal College. and then enter the teaching profession.

About the viral video, Shriya in a conversation with Aaj Tak said- It was a great feeling for us. People really like videos. Everything is normal in the video. People like beautiful things.

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Shreya said – now they will understand the way of love and emotion towards children. Today’s children will not listen to you after being beaten, nor will they respect you. Please tell me that by sharing videos, many target teachers too. He was seen questioning the teacher-student relationship.

In response to those who raised questions about the teacher’s relationship, Shriya said – Please don’t spread dirt. Watch the video from a better perspective. She is very good.

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