A student who rushes to Mumbai to do a daring scene in a web series has a change of heart, returning after seeing children in tears

A student who ran away to Mumbai to do a daring scene in a web series has changed his mindIn the name of getting work in web series, some people are cheating teenagers and grabbing huge amount of money. It has a terrible effect on their minds.
As a result, teenagers are not aware of their good and bad characteristics. The issue of the girl leaving home reached the Child Welfare Committee.

A student living in Premnagar police station area is studying in class XII. Apparently, he enjoys watching web series more than anything else.

Once someone online promised to work on a daring web series scene. He said that he only had to shoot for 45 minutes for the web series.
Three lakh 67 thousand rupees made him greedy, so he left home without informing him. On reaching the road junction, he boarded the train to Delhi.

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He eventually went to Amla instead of Mumbai, where the RPF brought him before the Child Welfare Committee. Upon questioning there, he admitted that his test scores were low. Later, when the teacher scolded him, he left the house in fear. However, when asked for more information, he told these things to the committee.

I came back to see other children crying on the train

A child in counseling told us that he saw children crying around him as he boarded the train. His mother loved him. He thought that my family would also be worried about my departure, so he went down the road and told the whole story.


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