A small hole in the smartphone is useful, without it can be a big problem, know its importance

The small hole in the smartphone is very usefulNowadays we all have smartphones in our hands. But no one has complete idea about smartphone. We will share with you some facts that you may not know. You can find many things under the smartphone.

Various ports are available, such as charging port, audio jack and speaker. Apart from the audio jack, a small hole is visible. I want to know how big this little hole really is. You can talk to anyone on your phone. Complete information about this will be provided to you today.

I don’t understand what this little hole is for

Most people do not know about the importance of this small hole. As a result, some forms of design are perceived and ignored by people. Let us tell you that something important is in your smartphone. It makes talking on the phone much easier.

Your calling experience will be better with a smaller hole. Without this tiny hole in the phone, you can’t talk to anyone. A noise canceling microphone is used for this purpose. The reason every smartphone and small phone has it installed is because you can’t make calls without it.

How does this feature work?

The phone’s noise cancellation microphone is automatically activated during calls. To provide you with additional information, we would like to inform you that this noise canceling microphone eliminates background noise during your calls.

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You can use this noise cancellation microphone when you need to talk about something important in a crowded place and block out the noise. Even if you are not aware of this feature, you probably already know how useful it is.


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