A minor working in the spa center told the truth about the spa center

A minor working at a spa center told the truth about the spa center: A young woman working at a spa center in Gurugram has made a sensational allegation. She told the police that she was employed at the spa center on the pretext of working as a receptionist, where 10-15 men raped her and treated her like an animal.

In most countries, the body trade thrives under the guise of spa central. Police also raided a spa center that day, but most spas remained centers of body trade.

In Haryana’s Gurugram, adjacent to Delhi, police have raided spa centers several times, but this is the first time a young woman working at the spa has told her harrowing story and asked the police to save her from prostitution. installed

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The woman told the police, gang-rape happens every day, I was not raped, I was not raped. A 14-year-old girl has made this complaint against the spa operators. The woman has also filed a case against several defendants in this incident.
The girl in her complaint told him how a young woman took her to a spa center to offer her a job as a receptionist and then started systematically gang-raping her every day.

The victim said that every day 10 to 15 people used to treat their body like animals. The victim’s daughter said that she sought help from all who came to the spa to remove her from this inferno, but nothing but the body was found from the victim.

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